The Making of A World Champion

Head Professor: Eduardo Barboza da Silva (Eduardo Barboza) 

Professor Barboza’s competitive success on the mats earned him his brown and black belts from the hands of Júlio César Pereira – leader of the GFT workgroup. One of the top rooster weights of his generation, Eduardo Barboza has conquered medals in important tournaments such as the IBJJF World Championship and Pan American Championship as well as the Rio International Open.

Humble Beginning

History: While growing up Eduardo often suffered from bronchitis, while also developing an introverted disposition. For these reasons Barboza’s father decided to sign him onto a jiu jitsu academy when he was 14 years old, in an attempt to improve his son’s health and grow his confidence.

Instructor Júlio César Almeida, whose academy was also in Belford Roxo, was Eduardo’s first instructor. As a purple belt Eduardo Barbosa decided to join GF Team, one of the biggest academies in Rio de Janeiro. He earned his black belt September 21, 2016. We are incredibly honored to have Eduardo lead our practice of competitive athletes. 

Strong Foundation

Founder: Our gym is founded by 5th Degree Black Belt Nelson Alves

Professor Alves was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1975. Nelson first began training at age 7 at Reyson Gracie's Academy. He progressed in his judo efforts under Geraldo Bernardes the coach for the Brazilian National Team in four Olympics. He also trained under Rilion Gracie, and eventually Coral Belt Paulo Caruso, where he earned his black belt in 1998.